Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter pyjamas!

I have been busy making pj's for the kids.
Here is Mollies first set - made from pink flannette with white unicorns.Lucas's made with white flannette with little fire engines on them

Lucas's second pair with red and black fire engines.

They love them!

Last huge rains!

A couple of weeks ago we had a huge amount of rain fall over a couple of days.
This is our creek which is usually dry for 70% of the year. It was very exciting to watch!

Morning adventure

Last week we started the day with an explore of the creek running through the back of our property. We had to go further down stream to get down into it and lots of discoveries where made - frogs, little bridges, interesting trees and plants. The dog enjoyed the walk too!


A bit late I am sorry but we have been busy with lots of Easter preparations.

Firstly our easter bags to put on our easter display table.Making lots of chocolate in bunny moulds. We added marshmellow, licorice, coconut and crushed peanuts to cut down the amount of chocolate used.
And making cards for our friends and to say thankyou to the Easter bunny.
We had a great day with our family easter hunt and way too much consumed!