Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY Lego kits...

Yes the children made their own lego kits and guess who had to be the parcel girl..yep ME!
The process takes about 2 days.
Step 1
Decide on the lego creation you are going to design.
Step 2
Make it using the HUGE pile of lego in the middle of the playroom.
Step 3
Bring the creation to the tea table with a stack of paper and pencils.
Step 4
Take the creation apart and then slowly draw each step of putting it back together. Staple the booklet together - remembering the title page.
Step 5
Gather all the pieces together and put them into little plastic ziploc bags and put into box with instructions.
Step 6
Wrap the box up, address it, price it and then give it to the 'delivery Mum'.
Step 7
I walk out to the gate, ring the buzzer and then bring the parcels in and give it to the child named on the box.
Step 8
Excitely pull it apart and while following the instruction, put the creation together!
Natural learning at its best!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kneeboarding FUN!

This morning we did something that Lucas has been wanting to do forever!! so he tells me....
We met friends at Cable Skiing Cairns to join the Kids Club for the morning.
We had to arrive at 8.20am (yes very early for us homeschoolers lol) to pay, register, watch the safety video, get into the life jacket and helmet ready to start at 8.30am.
Lucas and his mate were rearing to go and within 5 minutes they were off..kneeboarding round the lake. Needless to say Lucas LOVED it!! We are in negotiations for more cable skiing in the near future.
Mollie was a little more tentative but within 10 minutes she was off. She didn't make it all round the lake but she thoroughly enjoyed her time kneeboarding too.

Lucas had one go at wakeboarding but after a spectacular crash at the start, he decided to stick with kneeboarding.

When the kids club session had finished, it was time for the older boys to have a go. As you can imagine, after the first jump off a ramp and then somersault Lucas saw (wide eyed) ...he definately wants a repeat session, but 'wakeboarding this time Mum'.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some new dolls I have made of late

I have been working on a larger design of Steiner doll. These are more newborn baby size and are lovely to cuddle.
Mollie recieved my first dolls



And Rose was given as a SWAP present.

These are such sweet dolls to make, I just love making them!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Crafty Snapshot!

A couple crafty items I have made / working on this week

Continuing Mollies quilt for her birthday

Hand dyeing felting fleece

Finishing off two orders for my 4 element fairies

Two new outfits for Mollie
First one is Farbenmix Lore shorts and Farbenmix Antonia shirt.
with a velour iron on - cute!

And Farbenmix Lore (yes again) with a Farbenmix Lisa Marie Shirt.
Summer is arriving here fast..I need to get some skirts and a dress made next!

Snapshot Friday!

I thought I would add some random photos to show what we have been up to this week at handmade - homegrown

New biscuits this week. Made using this recipe

Some seed raising...Mollie planting some watermelon seeds we saved from a watermelon our friends grew

Making a mega pom pom to play with at dancing - while waiting for her dance teacher to arrive.

Harvesting!! Tomatoes, chillis, spring onions and eggplants

Many, many many games of chess. Lucas learnt it this week and LOVES it!

Just a small photo selection of our week so far!