Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A couple more NXT creations

And these are as different as can be :D
Santa and his reindeer annnndddd.....

Yes an automatic weapon...sigh...lol
Yes it shoots little technic pieces, not at anyone, into a plastic container..BOYS!

And a lego something he has been working on with Dave. A Lego Crank Shaft, that you would see in an engine..

The motor is attached to the shaft running through the lego mounts which turns the arms which are pistons...yes I am right, I just checked! :D

Time to cruise the NXT website for more ideas!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Fairies

I designed these about 3 months ago and finally finished them today. It has been a long design process lol

They are made using cotton tricot, bamboo velour, silk skirt, cotton knit tights and filled with wool fleece. They are a basic doll with a few added touches.

The little flowers are made with wool felt.

The hair is a mixture of handspun yarn and wool yarn and the first has a silk ribbon in her hair.

Such sweet little faces...
I made these to go with the little garden children I made last year.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Bunnys by Mollie!

Thankyou for your Dorkey Rabbit pattern :D Tracy!!

She made 5 rabbits - One each for us and one each for her friends next door. She has made them as part of an easter hunt. She has written clues for everyone to follow and the bunnys with an egg in the pocket is their prize.
Cute hey!

She thought drawing the faces was a easier option then embroiderying them.
I will secretly make one for her today so she is part of the easter hunt.

And she took the photos herself..I better watch out, she is getting good!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crafty Mamas goodies!

A lovely big parcel arrived from the Crafty Mamas Shop last week.

In it was STELLA knit in white, purple and black, dots and stripes and see the fabric on the top HILCO toadstools!! Love it!

I am thinking a cute Olivia dress for Mollie.

And because we have a year full of summer here in the tropics, a cute summer dress pattern was a MUST!

I have some dutch fabric that is sitting in my stash from our trip overseas a couple years ago, would be perfect for this dress. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sketching @ the beach!

On Tuesday we all got in the car, including Odie (our dog) and drove 10 minutes north of here to Ellis Beach. Mollie has been wanting to do some sketching at the beach for a while now so we packed a morning tea and headed out. We found a lovely elevated spot for the kids to set up on and after a run round they settle down for some sketching.
Mollie loves her drawing!!

Lucas did a drawing too, which I am thrilled about and then he took off with my camera to take some photos too. He is really getting into photography lately.

And while this was happening, Odie got a lovely long run on the beach with Dave! We were there for an hour and in that time we saw three people. How nice it is to have a tropical beach to yourself!!

Mollie has asked for the botanical gardens next for a sketching morning...perfect!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rollerblading FUN!

On Wednesday we met our homeschooling friends at the local Skating venue for the kids first try at skating. There were many downs with lots of laughing.......

But finally they GOT it...well kind of :D
The skating venue is opened during school hours BONUS! so we can get lots more practice...

What a fun day to share with friends :)

BTW: they tried both blades and skates but said the blades a definately easier.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Farbie OWL

Yes..(confession!) I have a farbenmix obsession. I have worked out how to buy epatterns from the Farbenmix shop now, and you wouldn't believe it, I have bought three patterns already! :D

First up..the cutest OWL cushion ever!!

It is made to fit a 35cm square cushion insert inside so now we have a cute cushion on the lounge in the sunroom.
Kids LOVE it, I LOVE it...Dave, yes well..he isn't sold. Mollie reckons I should make a couple of matching babies to sit with the 'Mummy', good idea Mollie :D (Daddy would love that too LOL)

Fabric is from the stash...the body fabric from Tas and the embrodiery is from the Florafox embrodiery set from HUUPS.