Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dyeing with bleach!

This is a piece of black cotton drill that I tied up randomly with elastic bands...

And after it had a soak and a swim in a water and bleach mix..
End result!
It took a couple washes and a day on the line to get the bleach smell out but the end result is really effective!
I have plans for this piece of drill!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

July Swap - the present I gave!

I made Tas and her daughter LOL one of my dolls. I always love making these and to see her so loved it an absolute delight!!
Her name is Rose.

July Swap on Crafty Mamas (I recieved!)

Look what I recieved from Jo!!
A gorgeous cushion she stitched herself...isn't it beautiful!!

a couple close up photos of the stitching

And the lovely range of fabrics she used as well!!

Thankyou Jo...Mollie and I (and friends who visit) LOVE it!!


Chocolate Cream Biscuits with a cup of tea!!

It would have been nice but the kids came in after I took the photo and ask for one each....I got a bite though!! LOL

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fresh Juice!

While walking through Rustys Food Market last week, I realised we hadn't made fresh juice for ages.
So after a brief discussion, we bought 3 kilos of oranges, 1 kilo of apples and a beautiful pineapple.
We all had a turn juicing and we all loved the juice. This will definately become a regular activity in this house.
Mollie on oranges

Lucas juicing pineapple

End result, pine orange juice and apple juice....YUM!

YAY FAB fabric!!

Look what came in the mail last week!!
A gorgeous pile of fabric from the lovely Tas from Little Boozle.
Tas needed a destash and I needed new fabric (ok that is a fib) but how could I let this pile pass me by.
They are folded in my fabric cupboard ready for a project ahead!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Naming quilt

My little niece turned two last week and I have always wanted to make her and her sister a naming / birth quilt.

Fabric: Farbenmix Love chirp and mushrooms, teamed with some spotlight spots.
Embroidery: from HUUPS and the alphabet on my machine

I blocked out her name details with a little piece of white fabric.

I added a little pocket with a dolly

Backing: hand dyed homespun, with cotton wadding on the inside.

I am really pleased with it..not bad for my first quilt!

Next: one for Miss E!

TOO much fun!!

Yesterday Lucas and Dave took apart all our old computer equipment. They rescued useful parts for the trains and lights and the rest went into recycling. Lucas enjoyed every moment of this time. He learnt all about the inside runnings of a computer.
When Mollie got home from tap dancing..she was given the job of taking apart a printer.
You should see our computer room now..HEAPS of room!!

A little Christmas in July!

My entry in the July Crafty Mamas competition.
Our current angel was looking a little tired (and plastic I think) so I thought it was high time for a beautiful new one. I designed and made her using silk, flannette, tricot and wool fleece. Her hair is wool yarn and she is wearing a beaded crown.....
She is sitting in my craft area all ready for Christmas!