Monday, October 27, 2008

YAY!!! Look at my corn!

With the help of bucket loads of fertiliser, we have fully formed corn!!
And it is beautiful and sweet.

Lucas t shirt. - Ottobre 3/2006 pattern 26

Here is another t shirt I made Lucas. I started it about 11pm last night, paused at 1am and slept, then up and finished it by 7.00am.
It is a pattern that goes together so well and now that I understand necklines...a breeze to put together.

And here he is modelling it!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

MUMMY.......I need new swimmers!!!

As we live in the Tropics with a heater swimming pool, the kids swim all year round.
With the amount of swimmers we go through in the year, it was time Mummy learnt to make them!

I bought my supplies from Crafty Mamas - where else!!
And here is my first attempt 'Swimming undies'. The children tested them in the pool yesterday afternoon and they LOVE them. They fit well, stood up to the test of the almighty 'CANNONBALL'.....yes right next to Mummy too!
Now with the first pair underway, might tackle a one piece for Mollie - 'with a skirt Mummy'

The Mango season has started....ALREADY!!!

Yep....we have a bumper crop on the tree with harvesting a couple everyday.
We have had early rain so maybe that has bought them on earlier. In previous years, it was around mid December is all started.

Here is the fruit bowl

And the kids...hoeing in!
I think I better get some mango recipes organised...I think I am going to need them!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hands up for the worst blogger in bloggerland??

ME ME ME - waving hand madly!!!

I am so sorry for my disappearing act from this blog, I am back now and rearing to blog....
We have been on holidays, I have been busy with toy orders and we now have two new pets, will post photos over the next day or two - I promise!

Will be back soon.....