Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are back!!!

We have just enjoyed a fantastic holiday - firstly a week visiting my family near Sydney and then a week in Fiji with family!!
Here are a couple of photos to share. I am not feeling very chatty today as I have landed back in Cairns with a tummy bug. Last night was the worst..today I am feeling 'delicate'!
Anway here goes...
We stayed at the Warrick Resort on the Fiji coral coast. It was a very beautiful and we enjoyed LOTS of snorkling.
Mollie got her hair braided. She was a very brave girl as at the top it was really hurting. The fijian ladies who did it were lovely. She still has them in too.

Lots of canoeing and paddle boating

And a holiday wouldn't be a holiday without some holiday clothes!
Lucas in his Fijian shirt and Mollie a dress...

More photos soon, time for another lie down.....but first another load of washing!

Friday, November 5, 2010

We did a deal.....

A plate of this.....
For a bowl of this...

See....Lucas CAN eat fruit when he WANTS too :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Goodwood Racing Circuit - from Dave


The Steward's box and Race Control

Pits and starting grid.
This was an MG club day, with handicaped starts.
(also other cars racing in seperate heats)

Beautiful gardens and lawns everywhere.
Mollie admiring the flowers.

MG crosses the grid on lap 4 of 5.

I think this is the VIP stand.

Some good close racing, very competitive.

England, the home of international racing.
Nearby there is the Goodwood horse racing track,
and the Goodwood Airfield.