Friday, February 26, 2010

Train set update!

I think everytime I walk into the playroom, there is something new happening to the train track. Dave and Lucas are constantly planning, improving, playing, adding lego structures too - basically having fun!!
Here is the train station with many people waiting to board th train

a couple of the many trains they have

There has been some track work lately and the addition of a NEW BRIDGE!!!
Very exciting here at (haven't named it yet) railway!
Boys and their toys!!

BUT they keep mucking round with the track..Mollie and I want to get started on the real fun stuff...houses, people, trees, paddocks, moutains, roads. I have put aside a huge piece of felt in preparation of a paddock. I have been told we aren't ready yet.
We might need to start some secret girls train additions I think!!

Our underwater photographer!

All the things Lucas loves - water, snorkling and now taking photos underwater. We are planning a snorking cruise on the Great Barrier Reef soon and Lucas would love to take photos of fish, coral, starfish, water, salt, people, sand - as you can guess, anything!!
His long term dream is scuba diving.....

And this is what Finley thinks of our 500 piece puzzle

Under this towel on our card table is our work in process 500 piece puzzle OR better know as puss's bed!!
We have to move him if we want to do our puzzle lol...
We love puzzles and most of the time, have one on the go. Our favourites are the Ravensburger
puzzles and have quite a few now.
Just a relaxing way to spend time as a family.....without the competiveness (boys) of a game!

For fabric job!!

Mollie and I help Lisa over at Crafty Mamas making swatches up and sending them off in the post.
I cut and staple and Mollie sorts and plans what she would like out of all the fabric.
I am learning so much about fabrics doing this fun task!

I could hang them on the wall, I love them so much!!

DOTs, they just make you smile don't they!!
I have so many ideas for these fabrics - cushions, dresses, skirts, quilt or I could just sit them on the table and look at the colours, love the size dots..JUST LOVE THEM!

I am sure I will be using them soon..stay tuned!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bought the bottles - ready for tie dyeing!!

Here are the bottle at filled with my lovely Dimarene K dyes and check out what I made

My very first 8 pointed mandala!!
Thanks Lucas my trusty holder lol

And an OLIVIA (farbenmix pattern).
Fabric: Organic knit hand dyed by me!!

I loves these colours and have more plans to come!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little fairies representing the 4 elements

I am very happy with how they turned out!!
They are made with hand dyed velour, wool felt, wool yarn for hair, cotton tricot for skin and filled with wool fleece.

Sister Water, Sister Air, Sister Earth and Sister Fire.
They are only 14cm high, perfect for little hands..well.. Mollie for one!!

My WALLET journey

I have always wanted to make my own wallet and after my current one broke, I decided to give it a try.
I tried another pattern but wasn't entirely happy with it, so for a swap on Crafty Mamas, I recieved this pattern, with fabrics, interfacing and zipper.
I just had to make it up, and here it is.
I am VERY HAPPY with it!!
Back Inside - it fits all cards, coins, notes and on the right is a cheque book pocket. I am using it for library cards.

And wallet and pattern

When I had finished it, I filled it up and put it striaght in my handbag!
Love it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

These are for DADDY!!

When Daves Honby trainset meets LEGOLAND (kids playroom).

Ginger Beer

I have always wanted to have a go at making ginger beer.
I am following this recipe and so far I have made the ginger plant.
I will have more photos when the first fermentation is over!

Ballet shoes BAG

Every ballerina needs a bag for her new ballet shoes!!
Here is the bag I made using this tutorial. It very easily came together. Mollie picked this unicorn fabric a little while ago and was very happy to see it made up into a bag.

Here is the little ballet shoes hiding inside!

Here she is OUR BALLERINA!

Mollie has started ballet this year and boy was she excited!
Her first lesson was on Thursday and because we didn't have the uniform -(ordered but hasn't arrived) I made this little outfit for her.
The leotard and skirt was from OTTOBRE 1/2009.
Leotard made from handdyed STELLA and the skirt from cotton voile and STELLA waistband.

Very sweet!

Our flowering Golden Penda!

I absolutley love this tree in flower. It is our Golden Penda and it is located just near the pool, outside our sunroom..where I can enjoy it all the time.
Here is the tree

And a close up of the flowers....DEVINE!!!
We have had lots of birds visiting it also...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here was one excited boy!

A little nervous but very excited to be starting tennis this afternoon

He did very well and is keen to go again next week.
He has booked me in for a couple tennis practices on our very quiet street lol

Next: Mollie and her first ballet lesson on Thursday!

Soap making!

Here is the soap I made yesterday. I followed this recipe and it worked beautifully!!
It contains rice bran oil, olive oil and coconut oil so it smells devine.
They just have to harden for about 6 weeks and then they will be ready for use.