Thursday, February 24, 2011

More robot creations!

The Mindstorm robot has been re created into a


Ball Sorter

This Lego Kit is heaps of fun!!


Mollie has entered the world of photography!
She desperately wanted a 'pink' camera and when Dick Smith had these on sale, well..we just HAD to!

One small downside of Mollie getting a camera..I have had more photos taken of me in the last couple of days then I have had in 10 years lol.

She is learning to take movies and download them onto my laptop. I should let that 'my laptop' go shouldn't I. Between the robot and Mollies camera, I only get to use it at night or early morning..for my embroidery files of course!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A robot has arrived!

Our boy needed a challenge so after much discussion we decided it was time to leave the basic lego kit building behind for a while and enter the world of Robots!!

After work last week, Dave bought Lucas (and himself if we are being honest :D) The Lego Mindstorm. It was pricey but so worth EVERY cent.

Lucas has made it into a robot (see below) a ball shooter, a robogator and next, he has plans for a colour sorter. He has to built it, programmed it (off my laptop) and tested it. Perfect for his mechanical and mathematical brain.

I have put an order in for a housework robot..but that idea always gets an eye roll, so I am guessing not yet!

And the best thing about this robot, we have our boy back!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hand dyed Circle Skirt

This skirt arrived in the mail last week from Kel @ The Handmaden.
Mollie is delighted with it!!

The colours are beautiful and it is so well made.

It has twirl :)

And it is perfect to wear while you are doing your homeschooling
I can see this skirt getting HEAPS of wear. Thankyou Kel :D

After the cyclone......

We were very lucky to be spared the full force of cyclone Yasi last week. After a scary night of high winds, we walked outside to find no damage to the house, just branches down and twigs and leaves everywhere.

All our bananas trees were knocked over

After a couple days of chainsawing, raking, picking up sticks and mowing..we are all back to normal. We are so thankful!