Sunday, March 29, 2009

An now a Tuolumne

And then Crafty Mamas had a sew a long for a farbenmix Tuolumne
I chose to make the underdress and it came out really well.
And it has a great twirl!
The back....I think she just pulled it as it is sitting funny in the photo.
Will move the button in a bit.

Now onto some winter stuff for our Euro holiday!!!
I have pulled out all my Ottobres and Farbemixs, Crafty Mamas shop has some cool Euro fabric so very soon you will see our Euro clothes!!

A FELIZ for Mollie

I finally took the plunge and made the Farbenmix Feliz for Mollie.
It really wasn't that hard and i should make another one up soon just so i remember it.
Maybe for a certain 2yr old niece down south maybe!

Anyway, here is the front

Back and a close up of the ruffles at the back.

Mollie choose this dress to wear rock and tree climbing at homeschooling group last week.
It survived too!

Lucas's new skill!

And a noisy one at that!
Now I don't hear "Mama can i play on he computer"
I hear "Mama, can i go and drive the lawn mower"

He hooks the trailor on, puts Mollie in and they race around the orchard.
He is not ready to mow yet....the blade spinning around is putting us off but for now they are having fun doing this!

Card Swap at Crafty Mamas

I recieved these from the lovely Tas, they are really delightful, I am so happy with them.

Rainbow Skirts

I have recently finished making two girl sized skirts for an order.
Here they are packed and ready to go!

And of for Mollie!!
Front and Back

They are made of cotton drill and hand dyed my me.
The colours are bright and cheerful in real life!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Far Out!!
Sorry everyone, I didn't realise it has been this long since I added to my blog.

Life has been busy with holiday preparations - Europe holiday coming up HOORAY!!
Orders and swap gifts
Bird sitting for friends
And pet worries - which have been sorted now!

Will be back with some photos of my new creations....just finished an order for two rainbow skirts and one for Mollie of course so pics soon.

I will be back I PROMISE!!