Friday, April 30, 2010

Mollies overnight bag

Mollie has her first bithday party sleepover this weeekend. I am not usually keen on sleepovers for a 6 yr old but when it is next door, I am sure it will be fine.

After a lengthy discussion on what to wear, birthday girl pressie, we realised she didn't have an overnight bag.
So after a design meeting and a days embrodiery and sewing, here is her overnight messenger bag.


Under flap front

And back.

She is thrilled with it!!
Now onto a wet bag for toothbrush and paste.....
She is one VERY excited girl!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vegy Garden update.

Our four garden beds are turned over, fertilised, mulched and have recieved the first of our seedling and seeds.
So far we have in
* eggplant
* tomatoes
* basil
* chillies
* lettuce
* parsley
* spring onions
* pumkins
* corn
* ginger
* tumeric
* watermelon
* snow peas

In the herb area
* garlic chives
* mint

And Mister Finley is never far away!!

I know VERY late but HAPPY EARTH DAY

And I made a cushion to celebrate.
It sits in pride of place on the lounge.
The kids can't walk past it without reading the words lol

Reef Doll and Child

And the second doll for the gift shop in town is finished!!
I am super happy with how she turned out.
The crown gave me some curry but I think after 3 tries, I am finally happy with it.

I am just organising with the shop owner to drop them off next week. I have really enjoyed making these dolls!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trampoline discovery...

I walked out the back yesterday and noticed the kids on the tramp.
Look close at the first photo....
Can you see something black between the kids

Odie the bouncy dog!!
He does a run and jump onto the tramp and stays on while the kids jump...not for long though lol

Felting fleece!!

I bought this fine 22 micron fleece from the Virginia Farm Woolworks last week for a felting workshop I will be holding with our homeschooling group.
Mollie and I will be dyeing it lots of pretty colours over the next week.

Can't wait to see how it turns out.

So beautiful and soft!!

Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook Rolls

I so desperatley needed these. I had needles and hooks scattered through my crafty area. The crochet roll was made from a tutorial online

The Knitting roll is from The Knit and Go Girl Knitting bag set.
I am now onto the Knitting tote next....
Feels good to be getting organised!!

Cairns Tropical Doll

I finished this last week, ready to go into a gift shop in Cairns.
I am really happy with how she turned out.
Her clothes and hair are hand dyed by me and she is filled with wool fleece. I have nealry finished the second doll for the gift shop, a Reef Princess and Child.
I really am enjoying designing and making these dolls.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If you are my sister HIDE YOUR EYES!!

I finished my two little nieces INSA skirts the other day
For Miss 3

Miss P

I adore this pattern, so much scope to create individual pieces!!

You should see what I making next..

Marina the Mermaid

Just finished this doll a couple days ago. I have made her for the CM April blog giveaway prize.
She is made with all the natural usuals with the addition of hand dyed hair, velour outfit and wool felt decorations.
She will be hard to part with..but I have another one nearly finished.

Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Element Fairies

These 4 fairies were designed by me to represent the 4 elements of nature

Sister wind, Sister Earth, Sister Fire and Sister Water.
They are made with hand dyed velour, cotton tricot for skin, filled with wool fleece and hair is 100% wool yarn. The skirts and wings are made from wool felt.

The dolls come as a set (all made) or a full supply kit with instructions. Both are available at Spiral Garden.
I have added a few instruction photos to help with creating the dolls.

Patterns traced onto velour and tricot and sewn up

Turn the velour and tricot in the right way and fill with wool fleece

Attach the head to the body using ladder stitch

Add face details, hair and earth sign. Cut out and stitch together the wings and skirt.
I missed the finished photo sorry!! peek up at the top photo for now and I will add a finished photo soon.

Pumpkin Child

I design and created this Pumpkin Child for our Autumn nature table.
I have written the pattern and gathered the supplies for a kit and they have arrived at Spiral Garden
I have added a few instruction photos to accompy the pattern.
Here is the patterns and then the felt cut out
First step of sewing the body together.
The body and head made
The back of the head with stalk attached
Green collar and head fully made

Head sewn on, the finished pumpkin doll!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pumpkin Child

I have design and made this little pumpkin child for our Autumn Nature table.

It is very cute. I have written the pattern, got the supplies together and they are off to Spiral Garden very soon!

CM April Challenge

For our April Challenge called 'That Pattern', we are choosing a pattern that we love but haven't made yet OR one that is a little challenging and haven't got up the courage to have a go.

For me, it is the skirt below from OTTOBRE 2/2006
I love this skirt but just haven't got around to making it. Stay tuned I have the fabric organised just need to sit down and cut it out!!

Imke and Insa for Mollie

From my NEW favourite book Sewing Clothes Kids Love , I made Mollie the Imke top and Insa skirt.
It has all our favourite things, denim, dots and toadstool embroideries.
It is a little big on her at the moment, but we can live with that!!!

FUN project!!
ps please excuse the state of Mollie...she raced in, put the clothes on, did a fake smile and then race out again, off to run her new lego car off a jump out the back!