Saturday, June 9, 2012

My 'French' Inspired Quilt

This quilt was very much a joint effort. Thankyou to Jodie for her beautiful fabrics and all the ladies at Crafty Mamas that helped me with quilting tips...


After finding the fabric, stitching out the embrodieries and raiding my ribbon stash, I designed the quilt. BUT in true Melissa paper design looks nothing like the finished quilt.
  Big projects for me, end up being a journey

I knew I wanted a strip type quilt, so with the fabric in hand, I cut and stitched up the middle panel. Then I was stuck..where to go from there 
Knowing I wanted to use these embrodieries, I thought, 'a road might be good' so then came the black border.

From then on, it just came together. Placing embroderies took a couple of days but in the end I am really happy with it.


I loved adding the ribbons.

Oh and the back..a combination of homespun and dotty fabric from SL.

Phew..I really enjoyed this project, but I am enjoying more now that it is finished.
This is off to Cairns Show in a couple weeks time :)