Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We LOVE our Pets!!

So much Mama made us a t shirt with them on it!!

I hand dyed some Stella knit, sewed up a t shirt each and then made a photo transfer and ironed it on.
Lucas and Mollie absolutley LOVE them, they wear them every chance they can.
And IRL the photos are straight, not sure what happened in the photo!

'Sudoku'Ruffle Skirt

From Ottobre 1/2009, here is my hand dyed version of this skirt.
I dyed each piece and then slowly, slowly sewed it all up.
It is lovely and bright......maybe just the thing for our overseas holiday at the end of the year, no chance of losing Mollie lol!!

And it is very twirly!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where's Mum.....look for the HAT!

My VERY tropical Hat!
I needed something that fitted my big head and hair, with good sun protection.
So the pattern was the Amy Butler, Blue Sky Hat.
Very easy to make and sits comfortable on my head.

Added bonus, the kids will always be able to see me

I used quilting fabric for the top and hand dyed some matching blue lawn for the lining.

And of course Mollie wanted a go!

I am really happy with it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mind your head!!!

Here is our mountian goat!
This is our hallway and yes that it the ceiling he is touching...getting to the laundry has become a hazard lol!

It doesn't worry me, Lucas has just landed the painting the hallway job!!!