Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tie Dyeing FUN!

Yep I have been at the tie dyeing again, this time practicing 8 pointed Mandalas.
Here are a couple of examples

I walked away for 2 minutes and Finley jumped on for a sleep. and yes he did turn a little bit yellow on his tummy lol

Another LEGO moment

Another task they like doing with LEGO is creating their own kits.
They separate the lego into bags, design and draw their kit instructions, put it all in a box and Mummy has to go and 'pretend' to take the parcel from the parcel man.

This activity goes for a couple hours at least.

Scrapheap Challenge!!

We gave Lucas a LEGO scrapheap challenge last Friday. He had a pile of lego on the floor and we came up with a challenge for him. Mollie actually thought of it
"A crane that floats"
And here is his floated beautifully round the pool!!
Here he is, very proud of his construction
Here is our pool safety officer!!
and that is as far as he will get in the

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'Bubbles' the unicorn!

It doesn't much for me to pull out my Melly and Me 'Kaleidoscope' pattern book but a passing comment by my sister that my gorgeous little niece loves was enough for me to put aside my 'to do' list and make this beautiful creature for her..and one for Mollie of course!

She is made with cotton twill and filled with wool fleece. She has a rainbow horn, mane and tail and gingham wings, like all good unicorns should. I have been told by Mollie that 'Bubbles' is magical and is from Fairyland!

For my other niece..there is a butterfly nearly finished..another Melly and Me pattern.
Truly I could made toys all days long..

Mollies babushka dolls

I think Mollie got tired of waiting for me to make her a set of babushka dolls so she made her own.
She is so proud, she did most of it herself. All I did was the sewing round the corners as she is finding that hard on the sewing machine at the moment.
She even took the photo herself.

They are currently sitting pride of place in the sunroom..we love them, they are so CUTE!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Autumn nature table

The kids and I did this yesterday, sorry about the photo lol, I think the flash has flared the silk.
I will try and get another photo!

A couple new outfits for the kids

A LORE set for Mollie. Such an easy pattern - a divided skirt (shorts) and the singlet top.
Perfect for the hot weather.
The top fabric is from Crafty Mamas and the yellow spots is from the market in Germany we visited.

OTTO shirt for Lucas. Fabric from Crafty Mamas.
It isn't sitting straight on him in this photo lol
He loves his pattern and I have made him about 6 shirts so far. He has picked the fabric for the next couple!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Here is our Autumn nature table using parts of our Autumn Craft kit. The children and I love thinking, planning and creating this table that sits in our sunroom.

Here are some directions for Pipe Cleaner people

Nut Baby, this is one of my designs. I will write up a pattern for this one soon.

Autumn doll available at Spiral Garden

Silk fairies are just piece of silk with some fleece in the middle.