Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cardmaking this year!

We made all our Christmas cards this year.
Here are Mollies cards she made

Here are Lucas's cards he made

Check out what our neighbour gave us, made cardmaking even more fun!

And look at the mess we created while creating our cards lol!!
All fun!

Flower Fairies

I made these for the little girls next door. They are made using cotton velour, tricot, wool felt and filled with fleece.
I am desiging more over the next couple of weeks.
Very cute!

Our Christmas Tree

From our local nursery, we bought a Northfolk Pine.
It has made a lovely Christmas this year!!!

The Stopwatch Kid!

We bought Lucas a stopwatch for Christmas and WOW what an education tool!!
In two days I have timed him countless amount of times around the house on the bike track, up and back of the pool in various swiming styles and Mollie has been timed doing many different tasks around the house.
In the two days, he has understood the concept of timing, able to put all in times in correct order from fastest to slowest and compared the times ie which is faster 1 lap around the house on his bike or 1 lap in the pool.
Lots of great timing fun!!!

Mollies first knitting lesson!!

And she did brilliantly!!
I was surprised on how well she understood the concept of knitting and how she handled the needles and wool. Must be all those hours of lego she has enjoyed over the last three years - well developed fine motor skills!!

For Christmas I made her a knitting bag and in it I added a couple sets of wooden and bamboo knitting needles, a wooden crochet hook, some wool and this book.
I would recommend this book to anyone teaching their children to knit. It has lots of great ideas with verses to use and also simple patterns for animals and dolls.
Very proud Mama moment here!!