Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Homeschooling resources!

Here is a little insight into our homeschooling life!

I use a variety of resources to keep the kids interested. These are what we are using at the moment. 

For Maths we use
Lucas is very maths focused so he likes this site particulary. I also have used maths cd roms in the past, workbooks and study guides from newsagents, & education bookshops.
They both cook, Lucas likes measuring, building, designing things with lego and his nxt robot.
* There are lots of maths games online. When Mollie was learning her times tables she played

Kids like this website, they also have naplan workbooks. They always have a story writing project on the go and usually a science type project.
Also we have a few books from
They are very good.
We go to the library alot and the kids loves audiobooks. The usually listen to audiobooks while playing in their rooms.

We play alot of games, including ones I have made. 

* as well as maths, Lucas LOVES science - physics, chemistry. 
We highly recommend the book series Basher Science from Book Depository. They are easy for the kids to read and understand. Lucas is loving the physics and periodic table ones at the moment. 
Mollie loves her Rocks and Minerals book.

There are alot of fun websites out there now, and also apps.
We also watch documentarys together, history timelines, nature walks, drawing together, Lucas build things with Dave, vegy gardening.
As well as their sports.

I tend to give things a break for a few weeks and find something else for them if they are getting a little bored or uninspired.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our History timeline

Our year long project.
I found these history timeline headings online which I printed out, laminated and stuck up in the hallway.
During the year, the kids will be adding post it notes of events in history.

history timeline
Mollie has written our names in Hieroglyphics

history timeline
And here Lucas has made a document listing all the English Kings and Queens. 
That post it note is when William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet (Mollies note). 
 We haven't quite decided what we will do with them all at the end of the year...maybe made it into a book. Not many blank walls left in our house.

And because I love it when they help each other.
sharing learning
Terrible photo, but you get the idea!!

Random Act of Kindness 2

While Mollie was at dancing this afternoon Lucas and I tackled the mammoth job of cleaning Mollies sewing table!

cleaning fairy
Mollies turn!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

I have started this with the  kids

fairy doll
 Today I cleaned Lucas' desk, left the fairy and a note.
Now it is his turn.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Love a rainbow ME!

My crochet ripple blanket

I wear them, I crochet them!
This is my fav rainbow skirt, and my rainbow crochet blanket.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

We love our softies

Our house is covered in them. The kids cupboards are overflowing with them, I have them scattered around the house on top of bookcases, on my bedside table.
They are just delightful aren't they! Especially handmade ones :)

dolphin softie
Dee Dee the Dolphin (Melly and Me Pattern)

clucky and babies
Clucky (Melly and Me pattern)
mollies dolphin
Made by Mollie!
She is very proud of her Dolphin.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hide that dryer!

We have a dryer that hardly ever gets used, but is still handy.
Ugly AS though!! Not anymore (Dave just shakes his head now) 

I used some of my hand dyed homespun and an embrodiery file from Emblibary.
Makes the kids smile when they are cleaning their teeth in our combination second bathroom / laundry.

Friday, February 1, 2013

We like to draw ALOT

We LOVE our art supplies, pencils, paint, textas, watercolour - if it is an art item we have it.
As a family we spend a part of each day drawing. Mollie loves sketching real life things, Lucas like drawing structures and transport, I just love drawing.
My lastest drawing is over on the left side there, a Babshuka Doll set.


If we draw down the back, we always have company. 

Want to get started with drawing with your kids? Here are some suggestions
  • Art journals - love them here. You can buy them from art suppliers, newsagent. Such a nice way to record art work.
  • Good quality pencils are a must!! Cheap pencils don't have the strength of colour and children really loose interest fast if their artwork isn't lovely and bright on their paper.
  • Get out into nature to sketch - parks, beaches, backyards.
  • Set aside 10 minutes a day to draw with your  kids. Think positive, and have a go!
  • Drawing from photos - magazines, fav books, photo albums. Great way to practice.
I would love to see a world with LESS colouring in books and more art journals!!