Monday, March 28, 2011

Mama and son designed quilt - step 1 design.

Lucas needs a Mama made quilt on his bed as he still has his little boy transport one. This boy does not like change and he likes 'just plain' :D

So off to spotlight we went to pick fabric. He chose the printed one - I had to convince him that a blue and light blue quilt would just to be TOO plain so he went with a 'plane' ;) printed fabric and quilters homespun to match.
While he was playing his flight simulator (would you be surprised if I said Dave is an aircraft I didn't't think you would :D) I got my lined paper, and coloured pencils and YES my design was approved..phew!!

In the white squares I will use my embroidery machine to add embroideries of his favourite things..yes first up a plane :D

Next step..all that cutting!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Angel Dolls

Here is a photo tutorial for these little darlings..Angel Dolls

Cut out each pattern and sew the body and head up

Turn the pieces right side out and fill with wool fleece

Sew the head to body, stitch the eyes and mouth - use top photo for placement and then follow the directions for hair, crown and threading to make the wings.

This photo shows the top of the angel dolls head!
Our angel doll had pride of place on our chritmas tree and is now hanging in our daughters room :) Very sweet!

Rainbow Pouch Dolls

These are a delightful addition to a childs toy collection.

Cut out pattern pieces and sew together

Fill the body and head with wool fleece

Sew eyes and mouth and then attach the hat.

Sew the head (and hat to body).

Here is a photo of the back of the head. I like to tuck the bottom of the hat into the body and sew. Like this...

Thread up your long needle and following the directions to create the wings on the doll. They should look like this when finished.
Too cute for words :D

We have SUN and BLUE sky!!

What a beautiful sight after SO much rain.....

BTW, the tree with the yellow flowers on the right, it is called Golden Penda. One of my all time favourite trees!!

Guess what!! is raining LOL...