Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese Pork Bun!

Dave and I made these a couple nights ago.
These are Steamed Chinese Pork Buns.
BBQ pork wrapped in bread dough and steamed.

My Softie Swap

These are what I made for Peta for the Softie Swap.
Two little Steiner Inspired Dolls
They arrived safe and sound!

Finley in the washing basket!!

Asleep on my sarong!!

Softie Swap!

I participated in a Softie Swap over at Crafty Mamas.
Peta made this gorgeous doll for me...

And she also added to my parcel some of this mushroom generous is that!

I can feel a bag coming on with this fabic!
Thanks Peta!

Australia Day!

Gosh how late am I with this post!
In the morning we enjoyed Vegemite on toast, read our 'Australian' books

Made some lamingtons
Delishes by the way
And finished off the day with backyard cricket. It was a fun day at home!
Very Belated

Monday, January 26, 2009


For homeschooling group on Wednesday, the kids were beside themselves with excitement because we were going to Sugarworld Slide Park HOORAY!!!
They had a ball and absolutely tired themselves out.
They ran up and down the slides constantly, we had to grab them on the way past for something to eat.
We will definately be going again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Finished dishcloth

This is my second dishcloth. I really like this pattern and with be using it again. The pattern is here.
These dishcloths are SO much better then bought ones, they don't smell, rinse out really well and not too sits over the tap nicely.
I have another on the go already!

Blue lake beans soon.

Lucas and I planted these two days ago.
Should be enjoying these in the next month or two!

There fairies have been!

Look how HUGE this fungi is!
I found in our garden by the side fence.
Mollie said this is where they fairies come for their celebrations and because I am not a fairy, I can only take one photo!

In this house, what else would be so close at hand...thanks Dave, nicely faced!

Watercolour painting while waiting!

Mollie has made up a watercolour painting kit for herself and Lucas. She found an box and filled with their watercolour sets, paint brushes, water colour paper, jars for water and old towels.

They decided while waiting for dinner was the time to enjoy some painting.
Here they are!

Mollies fairy in fairyland!
Lucas - a unicorn!

I really love how create the children are, they are forever drawing, painting, desiging and of course buiding!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our creek!

Sorry about the dodgy photo but it was pouring while I was taking it.
This was our creek at 6am Monday morning after a night of heavy rain!
I love watching our seasonal creek.

Skirt for a friend!

This is a fun skirt to make. I designed, hand dyed the fabric and finished sewing it up yesterday.
I love making things for family and friends....actually anyone who loves handmade items!

Creating centrepieces!!

While I was cooking dinner, the kids were rolling beeswax candles. It was just sheets of beeswax rolled around a wick.
Every easy and fun!

And here is what we enjoyed over our Tuna and Rice.
Of course a couple of frangipanis had to be included for our nature centrepiece!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Inspired...skirt for Mollie

My friend Sara send this bag full of her hand dyed colourful cotton, when I opened it, a vision of this skirt appeared to me...he he!


Mollie loves it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nothing like a list...or three!!!

To prepare for a cyclone.
As soon as we heard of a low in the Gulf, the kids madly got the cyclone box out and went through it and made lists of what we needed!!!
Ah well, good to be organised I suppose lol!!

Current knitting project!


Using cotton from Spotlight, bamboo needles and a simple seed stitch pattern!
Great to pick up during the day!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Way to much fun!!

A sunny day, friends, water and LOTS of fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another sunbird nest!

Aren't we lucky the sunbirds chose us to share this special time with them.
There is a baby bird in there that we hear chirping to its parents!!
It is high enough not to be under threat by the cat or dogs....clever birds!

Eggplant garden.

The kids and I have been overhauling the vegy gardens in preparation of the coming growing season.
Here is garden number two which will be the eggplant garden for the next 4 months.
We fertilised, mulched, planted then foliar sprayed.

Now......... this should have been a quiet time for me to reflect and enjoy our hard work and gently discuss with the children what our plans where for gardening tomorrow BUT NO
Dog bashing into me playing while I am taking the photo
Mollie whinging about the smallest spider
The cat chasing my worms in garden number 1
Heres hoping for a better gardening day tomorrow!!!

Clever Daddy!

I thought I would share with you what Mollie got for Christmas.
Dave made her a lovely wooden fridge
front view
Open and very full view

Santa dropped off one of these for her

They all go so well with the stove, sink unit he made her last year.

One very lucky girl and she LOVES it all!

Fit and healthy me 2009!!

Yes I have made a resolution, I am going to get fit and healthy and loose this 10 kilos I have been carrying around with me this last 5 years.

So far so good, I have been exercising every morning, cutting back on quanity of food and really I feel FANSTASTIC!!

Now to keep focused and stay on track....wish me luck!!!

Homeschooling plan for 2009

Ok I have been thinking and planning this over the last couple of weeks.
So far i have got

Homeschooling two sessions
9.00am - 10am
10.30am -

We will always start with a story, first read by me then Lucas.
And to make all this interesting, I am using unit studies this year.

* Reading and Maths
* handicraft

* Reading and form drawing
* music

* Reading and science
* nature study

* Reading and French
* cooking

*first unit study - 'Our body'
Disscussing the different systems, nutrition, germs, and our 5 senses.

Mollie is keen to start next week, Lucas when the school kids return to school.
I am planing to start around the 19th January.

We will continue our family read a loud 'Famous Five' series - we are just about to start book 4 tonight. We always read a chapter as a family before bed.

This is a general plan, could change!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Underwater torches!

Are a HIT!!
Thanks Nana and Pop.
The kids have been in the pool most nights with their torches. We have turn the pool light off and the Christmas lights to get the full effect.
Now we play night time ocean animal rescue!

Changing springs!

Lucas has been loving helping Dave around the place of late.
Here he is doing some bolts up on the Land Rover springs.
You know the most exciting thing...getting dirty hands like Daddy!!

Moon Gardening Calender

Look what I got for Christmas!!

I am using it with my vegetable growing this year. Click the link above and have a read, it is very interesting and the people who designed it have been using it for 20 or so years live up at Kuranda, so close to us!

Few clothes I have made of late!

A dress for my niece - using my favourite 'Olivia' pattern by Farbenmix.
Knit is from Crafty Mamas!

A cute little skirt for Mollie, using my own design!
Cotton from One Stop Fabric Shop and waistband made from Hot Pink Stella knit

A nightie for Mollie, using a pattern from one of mine Japanese pattern magazine and lovely Euro cotton.

Another nightie for Mollie, using this free pattern. The shirring is just lovely and so easy!!

I have been busy lately with toy orders but this weekend is a sewing weekend....starting with new swimming shirts for the kids!