Sunday, January 31, 2010

knitted dishcloth

Yes I am knitting them again!!

This the perfect craft to have sitting around waiting for me. I tend to knit a couple rows just before is so relaxing!

Or when the kids want me to sit and watch a show with them. I have to be doing something or I get very bored in front of the telly..except of course if it is The Bill....

This yarn is cotton I picked up from SL and the pattern I made up myself.


Rainbow Made blog

I have finally got it together and here is my Rainbow Made blog!!
It has only taken 2 years lol
A BIG thankyou to Romi for the banner

Multicultural Dolls

Here are my two multicultural dolls.
They are made from tricot, filled with wool fleece and all clothes are made from cotton.
The first is an African inspired doll

And the second a Japanese inspired doll.
These are available for order from Spiral Garden

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seasonal Playsilks

Two options for spring - green or pink.

These are available at Spiral Garden


I make two sets of playcloths. Each set is hand dyed in pink, yellow, orange, blue, purple and green.

There are the muslin playcloths

And these are the lawn playcloths

These are an excellent addition to childrens play. In our home, they have been part of a town scene ie green grass, yellow sandy beach, blue ocean.

Mollie has wrapped her babies up in them, Lucas's lego boats have been placed on a blue cloth, also tablecloths, capes, veils and even a sarong at one stage.

These are available at Spiral Garden

Seasonal Craft Packs

I have designed these craft packs around season colours.

Included in each pack is felt, knitting wool, fleece, embroidery thread, small silk pieces and a piece of velour.




These are available at Spiral Garden

Season Gnomes

These cute little wooden guys are dressed in hand dyed wool felt.

In picture order: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring and we thought a white gnome finished off the set beautifully

Available at Spiral Garden

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another pile of dyeing loveliness!!

There are four different types of cotton fabric there, silk scarves and silk ribbons. All ready for various projects and orders.
I never tire of hand dyeing!!

Aren't the colours glorious!!

Check out our homeschooling supplies!!

Our big parcel full of supplies arrived today from Bel at Spiral Garden
The Lyra pencils, crayons, modelling clay are such good quality and last for years..well they should but Lucas and Mollie draw lots so they actually for us last about a year lol.
See the books at the back there..they are main lesson books which will be used for drawing, nature study books and whatever else takes our fancy!!
The little glass jars are for watercolour paintin.

And after the package was ripped open, the modelling clay was found and the kids started exploring it. Mollie made a snake pot - inspired by Mr Maker (ABC kids) and Lucas something from Indiana Jones..the gold ancient idol (whatever that is...I might have to give my sister a ring to get the lowdown on that one)

It all went in the homeschooling box, ready for tomorrow.

Flannel knot dolls

These little cuties are knot dolls...made from hand dyed flannette, cotton tricot for faces and filled with wool fleece.

Available at Spiral Garden

Season dolls

These delghtful dolls are made to add to a season table.

They are made with cotton tricot for faces, hand dyed flannel for dresses, all the decorations are made with wool felt and they are filled with wool fleece.

As pictured Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring

Available at Spiral Garden

Child Dolls

These lovely dolls are made with cotton tricot, cotton clothes and filled with wool fleece

Available at a custom make at Spiral Garden

Sling Daddy

Here is a Daddy doll carrying his baby in a sling.

These are available as a cutom make also. With choices in skin, hair and clothes colour

Made with cotton tricot and filled with wool fleece.

Available for order at Spiral Garden

Breastfeeding dolls

Here is an example of the Breastfeeding dolls I make.

A mummy doll with breasts, lovingly carrying her baby in a sling. I make these as a custom doll with choices in skin colour, hair colour, clothes colour.

Available to order at Spiral Garden

Launching my rainbowmade blog

Welcome to my Rainbow Made blog.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase all the items I make and sell to various shops online and locally.
I hope you enjoying looking at what I truely love to create!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tropical rains

With the low and then the cyclone, we have been getting LOTS of rain
I thought I would share some photos of our tropical rain!

Here is a photo from our sunroom....
Our flooded pavers Our very full pool
And of course, what do you do when it is pouring with rain?
Yes go for a swim....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garden update!!

Just a quick one.

Here is a pineapple that is ready for harvest. We have harvested two others this past week and BOY were they sweet and juicy...After eating, I always dry out and re plant the top part of the pineapple.
Gotta have pineapples growing in the garden in the Tropics!!

Over the last two days, the kids and I have been preparing the veggie gardens for planting. There are 4 gardens here and the kids have called them summer, autumn, winter and spring.
In the tropics, you tend to plant after the wet season, but I might try some corn soon. I got corn through Cyclone Larry so as long as I heavily fertilise and mulch, we should be ok.
The lonely one plant in the first garden is ginger, there should be a lovely big chunk buried in there.

Next: our passionfruit vine. It is growing on a trellis on the Western wall of the house. It is doing a great job of protecting that wall (our bedroom) from the sun.
and see our lovely watertank!!
And our dog.....
Close up of the fruit....might go and pick some now, they are making my mouth water!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

For our bickie boy!

Lucas would eat biscuits (savoury ones) day and night if I let him. I wanted to come up with a homemade alternative.
So here it is, homebaked bread sticks. I keep them in this container on the bench and he snacks on them during the day. He loves his carbohydrates!!

All they are is a wholemeal bread dough, rolled into small logs and slowly baked in the oven. They are dried out so they are crunchy like a biscuit.
If he would eat hommus, I would have some of that on hand as a dip too but he wouldn't eat it, BUT I would ALL day if I could.

Valeska for me!!

This skirt pattern called Valeska was such a fun skirt to make. It came together really quick and of those that it took longer to decide on the embellishments then it did to sew it up.

I made it front white safari dill, hand dyed it purple and then added the purple ric rac and the embroidery.

There is a girl version that I have nearly finished for Mollie. You will have to have your sunglasses ready as her favourite colour in yellow and she hand dyed it is VERY bright lol....

LORE for Mollie!

After being inspired by Lisa's and Sara's farbenmix LORE outfits, I really wanted to make a set for Mollie. Yesterday morning, Mollie woke up to put it straight on.
Sorry about the bed hair, and the 'Mum, I have just woke up' look on her face.
She wore it to homeschooling group yesterday and got lots of lovely comments!!

Detail on the pocket..farbenmix ribbons!
I am tackling a Tini.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our day in London

Back to our holiday.
On day three, we caught the train from Datchet train station into Waterloo (London) for the day. We had booked our tickets with the Red Bus company which we boarded at Trafalgar Square.
Here is Mollie on the bus!

We were on the bus crossing the London Bridge here, looking up (or was it down) the Thames to the Tower of London.

We had lunch by the Tower...yep chips..yum... This was after Dave decided to buy a hot dog from a stand right near the Tower. He nearly keeled over when the lady charged him 4 pounds for the hot dog, yes 8 aussie dollars. The game of converting everything to Aussie dollars had to stop or we weren't going to buy anything lol
After lunch we went for a boat ride on the River Thames.
And me, photo taken from the other direction. That is the London bridge in the distance.
see Mums black wool coat I have on....hardly ever took it off lol..
More photos soon. I have to load then from the laptop!

Last of the Miniland photos


Opening bridge - yes ALL lego

Cricket Match

Busy harbour

Brighton Pier!!
What an amazing place...even for ADULTS!!

LEGOLAND : miniland

This was my favourite area of Legoland. The whole area was filled with lego structures and scenes. We spent ages looking at them all!

Market scene

Ferris Wheel

Construction site


I have heaps more to show!!
Stay tuned.......