Monday, November 14, 2011

Hand dyed yarn

Look what is sitting in my drafts folder...
A photo of my rainbow hand dyed yarn.

I tell you, I absolutely love it and eager to make more. I have yarn all skeined (is that a word!) up and ready for the dye.
Now that all the unpacking is finished, I might have a crack at more dyeing!

Tomorrow maybe?

Edit to add: I dyed this for the very clever Tas, check out what she made with it..devine!

Handmade Christmas

Lots of handmaking here this Christmas.
Here are the Mama friends pressies for this year
Handmade soap using Rhondas Down to Earth Soap recipe, my hand dyed and then knitted cotton dishcloths / washcloths.
More about my hand dyeing soon.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our visitor

A Goanna!
We found him in the pool area. He lives in a tree down near the chook coop. I hope he doesn't get a taste for eggs!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Wooden blocks - one of the BEST toys EVER!

See this huge washing basket....well, it is usually chock -a-block full of wooden blocks of all shapes and sizes.
We have had this basket full for about 6 years now. The blocks are mainly off cuts from Dave various projects, some blocks I have bought from op shops and a set that came with a push cart type toy.

And yesterday, out they came again to make a zoo.

I assure you these soft animals are very well cared for. They have a regular supply of fresh food and water, their habitats are individually designed and their enclosures are even cleaned out regulary :)

This basket of wooden toys have been used for sooo many different play ideas - farms, castles, road systems, train set, forts, car tracks and I am sure many more times in the years to come.
They are not perfectly shaped or match in anyway but I know that is what  makes they so fun.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Snow Baby!

And last of my nature table babies
Snow Baby!!

and onto to pattern writing today!!

Harry Potter Story prompts

The children are concentrating on story writing at the moment....well... we are trying too. The boy of the house is struggling with the NEED to write stories..

So what better way to encourage story writing then using their most favourite topic HARRY POTTER! Here are the prompts Dave and I made up..

* Harry Potter was walking to divination class when we heard a loud mysterious noise come out of Rebus Hagrids hut. He saw a flash at the windows and a cry.................

* Professor Sprout discovered a new plant growing from the roof of her greenhouse. It looked and sounded like nothing she had ever seen......

* Lately Harry had noticed that spiders had returned. He couldn't believe they were walking into the..........

* Hermoine went to the library to look up a new spell. What she saw made her eyes light up.....

* Ginny walked into the kitchen and saw Mrs Wesley making pancakes. All the ingredients flew from the shelves by themselves and come together with a ..............

Update: They both choose the first story from their lists above.. SUCCESS what an effective activity. They have been working on their stories for two days now and are keen to continue. I didn't put any pressure on with spelling "just start a story" was all I said but they are keen on correct spelling, sentence structure and grammer. Very thrilled with the results...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunflower Baby

For the nature table!
She is 14cm high and is made from 100% wool felt, tricot and filled with wool fleece. 
Off to write up a pattern for her now.
Cute hey!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mango party time!

Our first MANGO PARTY of the year this afternoon!!
We have been eating Mangoes for a couple weeks now but today after some garden mulching, we enjoyed our first mango party...
(we have 4 trees full, so there will be a party a day I reckon!)
Definition of mango party: sitting round the tree getting VERY messy :D

And look, we have lychees this year. 
We are winning against the fruit bats atm..
Our strategy you ask....
Lucas yelling from his bed at night "MUM!!! FRUIT BATS!!!"
And this Mama goes running...
A few claps outside under the tree and the bats leave. Actually I am happy to share, but I would like some please!!