Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love My Sweet Home!

Ok, I have a flag obession at the moment!!
Here is a close up of each one....

They are lovely aren't they??
I have plans for them in the kitchen area....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mollies Bunting...

I used huups Flutter embroidery design. It was super easy to make. I have taken some photos of the process for anyone who is interested in buying the set. When I bought it, I wasn't all that sure what I was getting...the German translation was a 'little' confusing.
Thanks to Sara for her help too!

(sorry about the terrible photo, the full bunting was hard to photograph. I will take a better one when it is on the wall)

Close up of L

And O
I have plans for more!!

Shhh..Mollies new room!

Mollie is turning 7 in September so Dave and I thought it is time for a new bedroom..a BIG girl bedroom make over!!
I have quite a few projects planned and Dave is going to build her a fold up desk / cupboard unit for her room.
I will post photos of the items as I finish them.

First one is bunting for her wall!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Journey to my knitted shoulder bag!!

Now that the children are old enough to carry their own is time for a small knitted shoulder bag for me!
After a discussion on Crafty Mamas about a knit a long, I decided on this pattern.
Big enough for wallet, keys and phone for those quick trips to the shops.

I could have chosen one of the many delishes yarns I have here but no..I decided to dye my own lol

Here is 100 grams of 8ply Spotlight yarn, wound on my niddy noddy to make a skein

A rainbow of colours where chosen and spurted on my yarn

Then zapped, rinsed and dried next, then onto the ball winder. How fun are these..yes the WHOLE family had a turn!

Here is my finished yarn. I am really happy with it!!

I took this photo early last night, by bed time I had finished the front and half way through the tab. Tonight I will start on the back of the bag.

It is knitting up real nice isn't it!!
I will hopefully have finished photos by the end of the week..

Monday, July 12, 2010

I want HIS life!!

Mr Finley having his 6th nap of the day!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Learning at Home Term 3

I have spent part of this school holidays getting a plan together of the childrens Term 3 schooling. Yes I have written a plan but as we believe in Natural Learning, I will just use it as a guide.

* Will continue to reading to me everyday with a new list of sightwords every week
* Smartkiddies will be his main maths program which I will support it each day with an additional activity

* Will continue with Reading Eggs and her readers
* Also smartkiddies for her too.

* We are going to start a Australian History subject this term. Over the course of the study, the children will write and develop their own textbook using a variety of resourses - online, library and bought.
* Science is going to be 'Our Bodies' focusing on how our bodies work and keeping healthy.
* The children will continue with their nature books and drawing books.

We have camping trips planned, bush walking and the children sport activities.

Phew...I think all that will keep us busy!!

Knitting a Tropical Lily top- wish me luck!!

Tropical Lily a freebie pattern by tikkifabricaddict
So far so good. I am about halfway up the skirt of this gorgeous summer top.

I am using my Spotlight cotton I bought last year. I purchased 10 rolls of it and have knitted up 4 dishcloths so far. I will use about 6 rolls for this top, so heaps left over for a couple more dishcloths.

It is my first 'knitting a garment' project. Nothing too tricky so far..

Fingers crossed I make it to the end lol

Friday, July 9, 2010

Scrappy patchwork skirt!

I cannot tell you how much I love this skirt. It is made using up all my fabric scraps so it brings back memories of the many gifts, clothes, bags I have made using these fabrics.

I followed Sandi Hendersons Saturday Market skirt pattern.

It is summery, colourful and just makes me smile!
I have two more on the go..a ocean inspired one and one for a tropical summer. Should be finished soon.

Some baking delights!!

I have a passionfruit vine that is going crazy at the moment so to use some up, I made this Golden Passionfruit Cake. Mollie, Dave and I loved it...Lucas isn't keen on passionfruits so he is happy to wait for my next baking day. I better make banana cake or cupcakes..something he likes.
And this one is a plaited wholemeal bread loaf....yes it was as scrummy as it looks!!

Willow the Garden Gnome....

I have been designing this cute little guy for a couple weeks now. With some string, wool fleece and glue, I gave him a nose and a more defined face.

He is made using tricot (skin), filled with wool fleece and his clothes are made of hand dyed bamboo velour *devine fabric*!!
Please use your imagination for shoes..I have cute brown boots on my cutting table, ready to be hand sewn together!.
Lucas named him and claimed him!