Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inspired - Mollies ruffle skirt!

After seeing Ali's skirt, I decided I would love to make one for Mollie. I raided my stash and this is what I came up with!

She has it on most days!!
Thanks Ali for the inspiration!

I needed a break from dollmaking

Seasonal Dolls all finished

Not the best set up for a photo shoot, but i have finished designing them. I have quite a few made for an order and a set for home.
Mollie has made up our Winter nature table - there is a paper Santa on it which is an interesting twist on a tropical winter

From the lef to right Spring, Winter, Autumn, Summer.

Top Kids Shorts

I went with a Top Kids (opshop find) pattern for these as all my OTTOBRE patterns have below the knee shorts. Just too hot for those here!

So here are Lucas's long awaited shorts
The front - I used the Heat and Bond Cinn got for me to stick the patch on with.

The back

They are made out of drill and the fire engine material is a cheap find at Spotlight.
There are many firsts for me with these shorts
* concealed pockets
* attaching the waistband (the correct way)
* mock fly
On closer look they are a bit rough and ready but they are fine for Lucas.

Another pair made with CM Olive Drill


I think they need some construction vehicles or signs on them.
Lucas has an old pair of pj's with construction pictures on them, might need to cut them up for patches.

Bountiful Harvest!

Lucas and I went out this morning for a walk in the garden and harvesting

This is what we returned with

A stack of mandarins, passionfruit and cherry tomotoes. Later we will harvest chinese veg, herbs, spring onions and corn for dinner.

Also it was time to dig up

Ginger and tumeric!

Will use them in our Chinese pork mince and rice dinner tonight.

Saving our Mandarins!

After the cockatoos had their third go at the tree, resulting in this

We picked alot of them

Juiced them

The juice is beautiful and sweet

I am now off to make another couple Mandarin and Poppy seed cakes as we still have heaps of fruit.

Bread made by hand

The kids and I made these a couple days ago.
It was lots of fun, they were very good at kneading which was a help for me.

They thought the only way bread was made was bought from the shops or made in a bread baker, had to remendy that!

This was a very easy recipe and made these two big loaves. I am going to use it again tomorrow and make it one loaf and bread rolls.

Casual Mollie!

Here is an outfit I made for Mollie using my Ottobre pattern book.
I can't remember which one LOL, I have quite a collection.

Snuggle Dolls

Using velour from Crafty Mamas
They are filled with wool fleece and the skin is made from cotton.
Just cute hey!

Lucky, lucky me!!!

Our neighbours went shopping for me in JAPAN and look what they bought have for me.
Some stunning Japanese pattern books and Japanese fabrc.
Just makes me want to jump on a plane now!

Water bottle carrier

There are super easy to make!
Water bottle Carrier using this pattern

My first time quilting, and I am really happy with the results.

There are super easu to make!
Water bottle Carrier using this pattern

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ronja Pants for Mollie

Made from Crafty Mamas Plum Drill
Here are more examples of the pattern

Pants with a skirt, you gotta just love them!

Tropical Sky this morning!

It changed colour so quickly, just beautiful!

Self Protection book for Kids

I got this bok from the library a couple days ago and thought it is worth mentioning.
It is called 'Everybody's Got A Bottom', here is the link.
It gently introduces self protection ideas in a child friendly way.

I am sure most libraries would have it and if not it maybe worth them sourcing!

My soon to be Wall Hanging

My friend Sara tie dyed this cotton cloth for me, isn't it gorgeous!
She makes the grooviest clothes for kids too, check out her etsy shop