Sunday, December 6, 2009

My love of frangapanis

My all time favourite tree!!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stoffmarkt Fabric market

I couldn't have gone to Europe without stopping at one of these markets. We went to the Saarlious one and BOY did Mollie and I have fun!! Mollie wanted to buy all the expensive fabric LOL but in the end she decided on a couple metres of some yellow spotted cotton and some pink babushka fabric. I bought some drill, cotton, a little knit and a magazine. Everyone was so nice to us, and even tried to talk English to me. It was a blast!!

First photos - lets start with one of my my favs!!

This photo was taken on the north coast of France at a castle called Le Mont st Michel. It is located off the north coast and it once was Monastry. It really was a beautiful place to be!
Here is the family going down the stairs from the Abbey.
Below is the photo I took on our way out to the Island.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soo handy little baggies!!

For our overseas holiday, one of the most handiest things I made were these
Zipper pouch bags!!

I was not going to spent 7 weeks looking for camera cords, Ipods, chargers etc in our huge bags so I raided my quilting material shelf and made a bag for each of us (can't be without our music players) and then a couple for camera, laptop, phone stuff.
Now I followed a online tut somewhere but as it was 10 weeks ago, I don't hold off much hope of finding. I will try though....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

French Baguettes!

How yummy are these. These where a constant addition to our menu in France..great for snacks, for lunch and even breaky.
Yesterday we were reminiscing about these beautiful breads, when I decided to have a go at making them myself
After a search on the internet I found this recipe

And after about 4 hours of making

VIOLA!! They were beautiful. I was concerned they wouldn't have the crunky crust and chewy centre but NO they were very similar and I didn't have to have a french oven to make them!

Definately a repeater!


Let me explain my 'how long OMGoodness' blogging break.

Dave, the kids and I went to England and Europe for 7 weeks..and it was fanastic!!
So between holiday planning, sewing for the holiday and filling toy orders for Spiral Garden, blogging was pushed way back on the 'to do' list.
But I have some sewing creations, holiday photos to share now!!
I seriously have some time to make up to you followers.

We bought a laptop to take away with us and all the photos are on when Dave finally gets out of bed...I mean 'come on' it is 4.45am here, where is he LOL, he will connect the laptop to the internet and I upload some photos.

BTW, if you are wondering why I am blogging so early in the morning.. JETLAG!
Horrid thing that Iwish would go away.

Back soon....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We LOVE our Pets!!

So much Mama made us a t shirt with them on it!!

I hand dyed some Stella knit, sewed up a t shirt each and then made a photo transfer and ironed it on.
Lucas and Mollie absolutley LOVE them, they wear them every chance they can.
And IRL the photos are straight, not sure what happened in the photo!

'Sudoku'Ruffle Skirt

From Ottobre 1/2009, here is my hand dyed version of this skirt.
I dyed each piece and then slowly, slowly sewed it all up.
It is lovely and bright......maybe just the thing for our overseas holiday at the end of the year, no chance of losing Mollie lol!!

And it is very twirly!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where's Mum.....look for the HAT!

My VERY tropical Hat!
I needed something that fitted my big head and hair, with good sun protection.
So the pattern was the Amy Butler, Blue Sky Hat.
Very easy to make and sits comfortable on my head.

Added bonus, the kids will always be able to see me

I used quilting fabric for the top and hand dyed some matching blue lawn for the lining.

And of course Mollie wanted a go!

I am really happy with it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mind your head!!!

Here is our mountian goat!
This is our hallway and yes that it the ceiling he is touching...getting to the laundry has become a hazard lol!

It doesn't worry me, Lucas has just landed the painting the hallway job!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

An now a Tuolumne

And then Crafty Mamas had a sew a long for a farbenmix Tuolumne
I chose to make the underdress and it came out really well.
And it has a great twirl!
The back....I think she just pulled it as it is sitting funny in the photo.
Will move the button in a bit.

Now onto some winter stuff for our Euro holiday!!!
I have pulled out all my Ottobres and Farbemixs, Crafty Mamas shop has some cool Euro fabric so very soon you will see our Euro clothes!!

A FELIZ for Mollie

I finally took the plunge and made the Farbenmix Feliz for Mollie.
It really wasn't that hard and i should make another one up soon just so i remember it.
Maybe for a certain 2yr old niece down south maybe!

Anyway, here is the front

Back and a close up of the ruffles at the back.

Mollie choose this dress to wear rock and tree climbing at homeschooling group last week.
It survived too!

Lucas's new skill!

And a noisy one at that!
Now I don't hear "Mama can i play on he computer"
I hear "Mama, can i go and drive the lawn mower"

He hooks the trailor on, puts Mollie in and they race around the orchard.
He is not ready to mow yet....the blade spinning around is putting us off but for now they are having fun doing this!

Card Swap at Crafty Mamas

I recieved these from the lovely Tas, they are really delightful, I am so happy with them.

Rainbow Skirts

I have recently finished making two girl sized skirts for an order.
Here they are packed and ready to go!

And of for Mollie!!
Front and Back

They are made of cotton drill and hand dyed my me.
The colours are bright and cheerful in real life!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Far Out!!
Sorry everyone, I didn't realise it has been this long since I added to my blog.

Life has been busy with holiday preparations - Europe holiday coming up HOORAY!!
Orders and swap gifts
Bird sitting for friends
And pet worries - which have been sorted now!

Will be back with some photos of my new creations....just finished an order for two rainbow skirts and one for Mollie of course so pics soon.

I will be back I PROMISE!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dog yard.

After much took months actually to decide, last Monday Dave and with help? from myself and the kids, build a dog yard in the corner of the orchard.
It is a large area which has their kennels, food bowls and toys.

We didn't like tying them up but when little friends come for a visit, we need an area where they will be happy and away from everyone. Odie being a puppy and still very much in the training stage gets so excited when friends come over but he is getting to big for Mollies little friends.

Anyway, they have been in there 3 times and all seems OK. Monty can escape so when Dave returns he will need to do a few design modifications.
And also they are an absolute pain when I am trying to garden too, this will keep them contained for me.....they LOVE eating the chook poo.....ewwwww!!!

My Japanese Doll

Another new design. My Japanese Doll.
She is made from tricot, wool fleece and has cotton clothing.
Here dress is in a Kimono style with soft cord pants.
Lovely to hold and cuddle!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shirt for Lucas

This shirt pattern from OTTOBRE is perfect for Lucas. He doesn't like brand names, or aggressive pictures so a mix up of colours is a great solution. I have made 4 of these shirts now and he likes choosing these everytime.
Made from STELLA cotton from CM shop

Last friday - homeschooling day

It all started with an idea for Lucas to build his very own crane. Dave got involved and 2 hours later here is the CRANE!

By the time that was finished, we decided a swim in the creek was in order, many hours later it was dinner time.

I decided to call our Friday a 'Natural Learning' day. I feel there will be many of these days in the future!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

And finally a LAGUNA!

I have had this cut out for three months. A very twirly circle skirt from Fabenmix.

An action shot!

Ginger Blossom!!

I LOVE this fabric..I just HAD to buy it!
I am so thankful of my understanding husband.

I bought this from Catherines Place. Lots of yummy crafty stuff there.

Hmmm..... yes..... well!!

I was trying to cut out patterns and Finley thought he would help.
A BIG NO NO on tables and you think we will ever train him???
Turning the tap on has him jumping pretty quick now.....we will just continue that.
Cute hey!

African Beauty

My newest creation.
I had a ball making her. She is made of tricot, wool fleece and cotton. She even has tiny little plaits with beads on the end.
Mollie has claimed her of course. I have a couple more in the design stage.


I was getting really concerned about whether Mollie would ever get used to our new puppy, BUT finely she has.

Our NEWEST addition

And NO it isn't more pets !!!
Our water tank and after two days it is filled.
Lucas has been busy today filling anything that will hold water and the amount we all drinking is unreal. We might now save on the juice bills.
I will get back to you on how many litres it is....isn't that terrible that I don't know that. This has been entirely Daves project, except I found its location!
We bought it for a water supply in case of cyclones.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese Pork Bun!

Dave and I made these a couple nights ago.
These are Steamed Chinese Pork Buns.
BBQ pork wrapped in bread dough and steamed.

My Softie Swap

These are what I made for Peta for the Softie Swap.
Two little Steiner Inspired Dolls
They arrived safe and sound!

Finley in the washing basket!!

Asleep on my sarong!!