Sunday, October 14, 2007

Housework Routine

My Housework Routine

Morning – washing out, check gardens, wipe bathrooms, check bills, put bread on
Afternoon – washing in, dinner on
After dinner – sweeping, washing on

Monday – bathrooms and towels
Tuesday – our linen
Wednesday – Ds linen
Thursday – Dd linen
Friday – dusting
Saturday – vacuum, mop and clean cars
Sunday – catch up day

YEARLY – spring clean
January & July – Our room
Feb & Aug – Dd and office
March & Sept – Ds and playroom
Apr & Oct – kitchen and living room
May – Nov – bathroom and laundry

I try and stick to this routine as much as possible as it really frees up my days for homeschooling, craft and gardening. – I have routines for those too which are alot more flexible!

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