Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to our Boy!

Well, yesterday was our little boys 6th birthday - ok not so little anymore. He had a lovely day with family, friends, a fire engine cake and lego!
He said 'Mummy it was the best birthday ever' - such lovely words to hear!
I wanted to share with you all the story we share at each birthday at playgroup. Hope you enjoy it!

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge Story.

There once was a little angel who lived way up in the clouds above.
He loved sitting in the clouds with her guardian angel and watching the beautiful colours go by.
One day he parted the clouds and looked down at the earth below. As he looked he asked her guardian angel
‘Can I go down and experience life on earth. I would love to swim in the beautiful blue ocean, feel the warm sand and walk in the quiet rainforest.
But the guardian angel said
‘It is not your time yet’
One bright sunny morning, the little angel woke to see a beautiful rainbow lying out before him.
‘It is my turn now guardian angel’
‘Yes my child, your parents have been chosen and they are waiting for you to arrive’
‘Go now and remember, you will not be able to see me on earth but like the spirits in the sky, just close your eyes and I will be there for you’
So the little angel stepped up onto the bridge and crossed slowly over the rainbow and was born into the arms of his Daddy.
This tiny baby was ___!

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