Monday, December 3, 2007

November that was!

Ok I am late - sorry everyone!!!
I have been busy organising christmas, finshing off dolls and cloths for Bel at and spring (late too) cleaning before the holidays.

Our Home:
Well, with the weather warmer up and we are preparing for Christmas, lots of maintenance and cleaning is underway. I am in the middle of cleaning and Dave is installing watering systems, gardening and planning next year’s projects. Also training the dog to keep off the gardens lol. The kids and I are on mulching palm fronds, which is going to keep us busy for many more days. It is a good just before dinner job – in the shade and then the mulch straight on the gardens.

Learning at Home:
We are still doing workbooks of a morning for about 30 minutes. Not every morning but a couple mornings a week. Mollie LOVES it and she rips straight through it. She ends up drawing till Lucas finishes. We are busy with Christmas cards, craft and decorating too. I am working on our curriculum for next year. A little more formal ‘sit down’ work but still light and fun. I am currently working on our literacy curriculum, which is presenting the alphabet in a creative and practical format.
They both have been busy building with Lego and duplo, setting up role playing opportunities is restaurants, camping trips and dress ups – we made swords and shields last night ummmm!

The mango trees are full of fruit, we got heaps of lychees from the big tree and the small ones are producing now too. The vegy gardens are slowing down due to the heat but I need to get them prepared for the new year planting. A friend sent me some ‘Rosella’ seeds, which is a lovely fruit to grow – they make the yummiest jam. I will post a photo when I have them up and running.

My Craft
I have been busy designing and making toys for Spiral Garden and the kids Christmas presents. With the holidays coming, I will slow down and have a rest as I have plans and designs running wound my head for next year toys.

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