Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Homeschooling plan for 2009

Ok I have been thinking and planning this over the last couple of weeks.
So far i have got

Homeschooling two sessions
9.00am - 10am
10.30am - 12.pm

We will always start with a story, first read by me then Lucas.
And to make all this interesting, I am using unit studies this year.

* Reading and Maths
* handicraft

* Reading and form drawing
* music

* Reading and science
* nature study

* Reading and French
* cooking

*first unit study - 'Our body'
Disscussing the different systems, nutrition, germs, and our 5 senses.

Mollie is keen to start next week, Lucas when the school kids return to school.
I am planing to start around the 19th January.

We will continue our family read a loud 'Famous Five' series - we are just about to start book 4 tonight. We always read a chapter as a family before bed.

This is a general plan, could change!

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