Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dog yard.

After much took months actually to decide, last Monday Dave and with help? from myself and the kids, build a dog yard in the corner of the orchard.
It is a large area which has their kennels, food bowls and toys.

We didn't like tying them up but when little friends come for a visit, we need an area where they will be happy and away from everyone. Odie being a puppy and still very much in the training stage gets so excited when friends come over but he is getting to big for Mollies little friends.

Anyway, they have been in there 3 times and all seems OK. Monty can escape so when Dave returns he will need to do a few design modifications.
And also they are an absolute pain when I am trying to garden too, this will keep them contained for me.....they LOVE eating the chook poo.....ewwwww!!!

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