Friday, February 26, 2010

Train set update!

I think everytime I walk into the playroom, there is something new happening to the train track. Dave and Lucas are constantly planning, improving, playing, adding lego structures too - basically having fun!!
Here is the train station with many people waiting to board th train

a couple of the many trains they have

There has been some track work lately and the addition of a NEW BRIDGE!!!
Very exciting here at (haven't named it yet) railway!
Boys and their toys!!

BUT they keep mucking round with the track..Mollie and I want to get started on the real fun stuff...houses, people, trees, paddocks, moutains, roads. I have put aside a huge piece of felt in preparation of a paddock. I have been told we aren't ready yet.
We might need to start some secret girls train additions I think!!

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