Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'Bubbles' the unicorn!

It doesn't much for me to pull out my Melly and Me 'Kaleidoscope' pattern book but a passing comment by my sister that my gorgeous little niece loves was enough for me to put aside my 'to do' list and make this beautiful creature for her..and one for Mollie of course!

She is made with cotton twill and filled with wool fleece. She has a rainbow horn, mane and tail and gingham wings, like all good unicorns should. I have been told by Mollie that 'Bubbles' is magical and is from Fairyland!

For my other niece..there is a butterfly nearly finished..another Melly and Me pattern.
Truly I could made toys all days long..


  1. Very very magical. 100% lovely.

  2. Such a sweet unicorn, I bet she'll love it Lissy. :D

  3. Wow your unicorn really is magical! You could show it in the 2010 sewing challenge at
    I have one melly and me pattern, but I'm thinking I really need to get the book!