Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Element Fairies

These 4 fairies were designed by me to represent the 4 elements of nature

Sister wind, Sister Earth, Sister Fire and Sister Water.
They are made with hand dyed velour, cotton tricot for skin, filled with wool fleece and hair is 100% wool yarn. The skirts and wings are made from wool felt.

The dolls come as a set (all made) or a full supply kit with instructions. Both are available at Spiral Garden.
I have added a few instruction photos to help with creating the dolls.

Patterns traced onto velour and tricot and sewn up

Turn the velour and tricot in the right way and fill with wool fleece

Attach the head to the body using ladder stitch

Add face details, hair and earth sign. Cut out and stitch together the wings and skirt.
I missed the finished photo sorry!! peek up at the top photo for now and I will add a finished photo soon.

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