Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cute? or a little crazy!

Dave would say crazy..but the kids and I would say CUTE!!

Lisa from Crafty Mamas found this pattern online and of course I HAD to have it and make them. It is a cute softie, one of the things I LOVE making.
I made them using cotton chenille, wool felt and stuffed with wool fleece.
I gave them to the kid on Thursday night and so far they have
* come to town to the market to get our F & V
* been on the trampoline
* watched scoopy doo
* played in the playroom
* visited next door.
LOL oh and their names are Plucka (Lucas) and Henny Penny (Mollie)
They just make you smile!


  1. Lis, love your new chooks! Totally cute!

  2. They are crazily cute Liss. Or is that cutily crazy? :P