Sunday, July 11, 2010

Learning at Home Term 3

I have spent part of this school holidays getting a plan together of the childrens Term 3 schooling. Yes I have written a plan but as we believe in Natural Learning, I will just use it as a guide.

* Will continue to reading to me everyday with a new list of sightwords every week
* Smartkiddies will be his main maths program which I will support it each day with an additional activity

* Will continue with Reading Eggs and her readers
* Also smartkiddies for her too.

* We are going to start a Australian History subject this term. Over the course of the study, the children will write and develop their own textbook using a variety of resourses - online, library and bought.
* Science is going to be 'Our Bodies' focusing on how our bodies work and keeping healthy.
* The children will continue with their nature books and drawing books.

We have camping trips planned, bush walking and the children sport activities.

Phew...I think all that will keep us busy!!

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  1. Sounds wonderful. I am particularly interested in how you're going to approach the history project... do write more!