Sunday, December 19, 2010

12 step Colour wheel

Time to get a bit sciencie with my fabric dyeing!!
I usually enjoy blending colours as I go and adjusting to get the 'right' colour BUT when I saw this 12 step colour wheel in my new fabric book, well I just HAD to have a go.

It being 8 o'clock at night didn't stop me or while I was doing it, Dave and I were discussing which solar panel system we should nothing was going to stop me, I just kept on mixing and dyeing homespun fat quarters.

All these beautiful colours were created just using fuchsia, turquoise and yellow powdered dye.

I am going to keep these (it is going to be hard as I would love to make a rainbow quilt out of them) as a reference - very sensible I know :)
I might have to dye more though ;)
And this is the book... - should I try the 24 step colour wheel next?

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  1. All those colours make me swoon! Just beautiful - do the 24 step colour wheel!!