Monday, March 28, 2011

Mama and son designed quilt - step 1 design.

Lucas needs a Mama made quilt on his bed as he still has his little boy transport one. This boy does not like change and he likes 'just plain' :D

So off to spotlight we went to pick fabric. He chose the printed one - I had to convince him that a blue and light blue quilt would just to be TOO plain so he went with a 'plane' ;) printed fabric and quilters homespun to match.
While he was playing his flight simulator (would you be surprised if I said Dave is an aircraft I didn't't think you would :D) I got my lined paper, and coloured pencils and YES my design was approved..phew!!

In the white squares I will use my embroidery machine to add embroideries of his favourite things..yes first up a plane :D

Next step..all that cutting!


  1. jealous!! :) my meagre sewing skills are even less now, my sewing machine seems to have died:( good thing i have a "big" b'day coming up :) 'darling, i know what i want for my birthday =)'

  2. boys can be difficult to sew for (big boys too!) They just don't seem to share our vision!
    Good luck with the quilt, happy cutting!