Sunday, May 8, 2011

El Porto for the show

There was alot of :D this going on when I finished it this morning. I have been working on it for two days now and I am well chuffed with the result

Pattern: El Porto
Fabrics: denim, red stars and red and white dots (inside fabric) from SL, a little homespun and blue gingham
Decos: embroideries- Deerstar, littlechirp and star tag from Huups, red and blue bias, blue and red star ribbon and lots of ric rac from CM

I am making a few pieces for the Cairns show this year as a way to kick start my market plans (yep, still planning) I thought El Porto was a great pattern to showcase my sewing skills.

There are 7 pockets including a media one for your ipod (nice), two zippers, a few new techinques for me ie hong kong seams, it a good size duffle bag!

For those planning on making one: I worked out a trick too. After I attached the first side of the bias on the circular ends, I hand stitched down the other side. It worked a treat, a much neater result. I know I would make a mess if I used the sewing machine but this way worked fine! is one of those patterns that is unreal..when you have finished :) I really enjoyed the challenge though!


  1. You should be chuffed! It's FABULOUS!

  2. "Unreal..when you have finished it"
    That sums this pattern up well, Liss. Well done. It is fab!