Thursday, January 5, 2012

New creations!

Penny is wearing a new knitted cardigan

Knitted by me using Waldorf Mamas free pattern

Yarn is my hand dyed wool

Also i made up two El Porto bags for chrissy presents
I really enjoy making them..even though they are quite time consuming.
This one is for Daves niece Amanda

And this one is for my sister Cas
They both loved them, so I am very happy

And this little darling was made for Amanda too, from Mollie.
The face is from  the embroidery file of Matruschka pimpinellskova   from huups. 
Such a cutie!


  1. I love that little cardi, and the hand dyed wool just makes it beautiful!
    So nice that you made time to handmake gifts, and that Mollie is doing the same (gorgeous little doll!)

  2. Oh gosh! I have to learn to knit/crochet so I can get some of your fabulous wool or cotton! What amazing colours! Perhaps I'll get some and put an order in with the mother in law! Now following along with your blog - would love if you stopped by Just For Daisy and said hi! :) x