Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our vegetable garden MAKEOVER

Our big problem with last years garden was tree roots.
We have large trees on our property which is perfect for shade but not for our vegy gardens nearby.
Decisions HAD to be we move it, raised it on a concrete base or ditch the idea of a vegy garden altogether....

We decided one afternoon, all of us.
Raised garden on a concrete base it is!!
After lots of digging, building and concreting in the rain, we now have our new tree root free vegy garden HOORAY!
The chooks have the job of scratching over some mulch for the garden too. Truly THE best pet you can have. We get eggs everyday and manure filled mulch for the garden. 
The garden is going to love it!!

And Mollie has started on seed raising. 
Here she is planting corn seeds, tomato seeds, beans and sunflowers.
We are all excited about our vegy adventure ahead :)

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