Friday, February 1, 2013

We like to draw ALOT

We LOVE our art supplies, pencils, paint, textas, watercolour - if it is an art item we have it.
As a family we spend a part of each day drawing. Mollie loves sketching real life things, Lucas like drawing structures and transport, I just love drawing.
My lastest drawing is over on the left side there, a Babshuka Doll set.


If we draw down the back, we always have company. 

Want to get started with drawing with your kids? Here are some suggestions
  • Art journals - love them here. You can buy them from art suppliers, newsagent. Such a nice way to record art work.
  • Good quality pencils are a must!! Cheap pencils don't have the strength of colour and children really loose interest fast if their artwork isn't lovely and bright on their paper.
  • Get out into nature to sketch - parks, beaches, backyards.
  • Set aside 10 minutes a day to draw with your  kids. Think positive, and have a go!
  • Drawing from photos - magazines, fav books, photo albums. Great way to practice.
I would love to see a world with LESS colouring in books and more art journals!!

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