Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lucas project: Minerals of the World

Here is Lucas'science project for this term. We works on it for 2 lessons a week. 
On completion, we will print it out and bind it as a resource for him to keep.
Minerals of the World and their Metals

Pick 5 metals from the list below: 
* Coal (organic, non metal)                         
* Nickel
* Copper                                            
* Silver
* Aluminium                       
* Chromium
* Steel                              
* Uranium
* Lead
* Zinc
* Gold

What is the mineral ?
Where is it found in Australia ?
What it is used for ?
What is the process of mining the mineral ?
Where is it found in the world ?
Any interesting facts about the mineral?

Answer the questions above using a variety of resources.
Note what resources you used on the conclusion of the project.
Include drawings and tables in your project to make it interesting

Happy to share!!

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