Friday, August 3, 2007

A little about us

Right what have we been up to?
I have been having a big rethink about our routine, homeschooling plans and philosophies of late. One thing is for sure – they all centre on providing a positive creative environment for us as individuals and family.
We have been enjoying a Steiner playgroup for the last three years and have been slowly including some of Steiner’s philosophies at home.
Some things are
* A clean out of old plastic toys and introduce lots of natural play materials into our environment – wooden blocks, glass beads and stones, cottons and muslin play cloths.
* More creative discipline techniques i.e. sorry pictures, warming up cold hands to make them able to receive positive play better, walking in the garden to find happy self.
* Lots of sewing, clay play, wood construction, home based chores i.e. each child taking on two chores a day.
* New routine with a balance of active and quiet play. Also I have taken a step back and not having such an influence on their play. I am still keeping the routine flexible, as I believe Ds does need more stimulation. Just one of those active children that needs to be challenged or watchout. He is his father all over. Currently Dh has four major projects going!
* Nature table, candle at meal times and mealtime and nightly blessings.
* I made two Steiner dolls and the children love them. I am now adding felt and knitted animals

The children have received these changes really well. I feel it is a calm, respectful philosophy to include in our home life. I am not sure about the education side; I am still like the natural learning ideas. We have been natural learners from day one and it works well, so why change it!

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