Thursday, August 2, 2007

Steiner Playgroup

The children and I have been attending a Steiner playgroup for three years now and it has given me the direction I have been looking for in my parenting and educating the children. Over the last year, I have stepped in and taken on a more programming role at this playgroup which i have loved. It has got me back in touch with my preschool programming days - but so much more fun.
Steiner Playgroup Ideas

· home based routine
· baking when first arrive
· morning verse and favourite songs
· free play with drawing and crayons
· finger and felt story
· fruit then baking

While children are in free play, parents sit down with craft basket and weave, doll making, knitting, sewing

Routine flows and parents watch for any behaviour guidance that maybe needed ie if being rough – warming hands up muslin wraps, wax or clay play, walk in the garden to find happy self.
I have lots of programs I can share during the course of the year. As we live in the southern hemisphere, it is based on Australian seasons and festivals

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