Sunday, November 15, 2009


Let me explain my 'how long OMGoodness' blogging break.

Dave, the kids and I went to England and Europe for 7 weeks..and it was fanastic!!
So between holiday planning, sewing for the holiday and filling toy orders for Spiral Garden, blogging was pushed way back on the 'to do' list.
But I have some sewing creations, holiday photos to share now!!
I seriously have some time to make up to you followers.

We bought a laptop to take away with us and all the photos are on when Dave finally gets out of bed...I mean 'come on' it is 4.45am here, where is he LOL, he will connect the laptop to the internet and I upload some photos.

BTW, if you are wondering why I am blogging so early in the morning.. JETLAG!
Horrid thing that Iwish would go away.

Back soon....

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