Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY Lego kits...

Yes the children made their own lego kits and guess who had to be the parcel girl..yep ME!
The process takes about 2 days.
Step 1
Decide on the lego creation you are going to design.
Step 2
Make it using the HUGE pile of lego in the middle of the playroom.
Step 3
Bring the creation to the tea table with a stack of paper and pencils.
Step 4
Take the creation apart and then slowly draw each step of putting it back together. Staple the booklet together - remembering the title page.
Step 5
Gather all the pieces together and put them into little plastic ziploc bags and put into box with instructions.
Step 6
Wrap the box up, address it, price it and then give it to the 'delivery Mum'.
Step 7
I walk out to the gate, ring the buzzer and then bring the parcels in and give it to the child named on the box.
Step 8
Excitely pull it apart and while following the instruction, put the creation together!
Natural learning at its best!

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