Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kneeboarding FUN!

This morning we did something that Lucas has been wanting to do forever!! so he tells me....
We met friends at Cable Skiing Cairns to join the Kids Club for the morning.
We had to arrive at 8.20am (yes very early for us homeschoolers lol) to pay, register, watch the safety video, get into the life jacket and helmet ready to start at 8.30am.
Lucas and his mate were rearing to go and within 5 minutes they were off..kneeboarding round the lake. Needless to say Lucas LOVED it!! We are in negotiations for more cable skiing in the near future.
Mollie was a little more tentative but within 10 minutes she was off. She didn't make it all round the lake but she thoroughly enjoyed her time kneeboarding too.

Lucas had one go at wakeboarding but after a spectacular crash at the start, he decided to stick with kneeboarding.

When the kids club session had finished, it was time for the older boys to have a go. As you can imagine, after the first jump off a ramp and then somersault Lucas saw (wide eyed) ...he definately wants a repeat session, but 'wakeboarding this time Mum'.

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