Friday, January 7, 2011

Screen free time = BIG puzzle time

The time had come to break the 'can I play the computer', 'can I watch TV' routine so we had a three day screen break.
This was Lucas' choice of activity..and it has been fun!!

Nearly finished..just sky to do! We have friends coming over today so I have to move it (gulp) wish me luck!!

Edit to add..two days past the break and he still hasn't asked for the computer..HOORAY!


  1. Love a good Ravensburger puzzle! Quick, get it finished before the puzzle grinch comes to visit and does it for you lol ;)

  2. I love puzzles but unfortunately the kids don't!
    Great to have computer free time (me too!)

  3. I'm the one that needs that enforced computer break here!! remember that list of "technology" i listed on my blog? we only have the desktop and my laptop setup, so it's been great the children can't ask for them lol, and that xbox.... haven't bought any games so it's just our dvd player heh heh .oh such a mean mummy LOL