Thursday, January 27, 2011

The value of STRING GAMES

What fun I am having teaching the children string games. It first started while sitting in the back of the Motorhome touring round England, trying to keep Mollie amused. As we always have a ball of yarn close by, I cut a piece tied it in a circle and taught her Witches Broom.

Now two years later, we have searched the internet, Mama has dug deep in my memory to remember more and now we have 6 string figures - Witches broom, cats whiskers, bridge, hand trap, cup and saucer and the wink.

I think all children should enjoy learning this game not only it is excellent for their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills but it is just basic good FUN!

Edit to add: our favourite website is here and we have just added 'the moth' to our repetoire!


  1. Awesome! we (i) have been thinking about this lately - more so hand/clapping/slapping games, you know with the ryhmes? and 'elastics' .Will be a great way to keep the children occupied at the airport every 4 weeks :)
    OXO Bernadette and Crew

  2. Cool, Liss. Thanks for sharing this. I will fire up the kids. When we were travelling, they had lots of old fashioned games at a pioneer village- including real knuckles! I rememebr collecting them and drying them out when I was a child (butcher's daughter- so I had an advantage) Nowadays they are plastic. I was thinking the other day how I used to play elastics at school. Might give that one a run with the kids too. :)