Monday, April 4, 2011

Farbie OWL

Yes..(confession!) I have a farbenmix obsession. I have worked out how to buy epatterns from the Farbenmix shop now, and you wouldn't believe it, I have bought three patterns already! :D

First up..the cutest OWL cushion ever!!

It is made to fit a 35cm square cushion insert inside so now we have a cute cushion on the lounge in the sunroom.
Kids LOVE it, I LOVE it...Dave, yes well..he isn't sold. Mollie reckons I should make a couple of matching babies to sit with the 'Mummy', good idea Mollie :D (Daddy would love that too LOL)

Fabric is from the stash...the body fabric from Tas and the embrodiery is from the Florafox embrodiery set from HUUPS.


  1. Oh the FLorafox mandala is just perfect for the eyes. I am going to have to remember this pattern when I need a birthday pressie for one of my Mollie's friends!

    Looks great! (ignore the husband)

  2. Great fabric choices Liss. Really suit her! Gorgeous.

  3. ooooh I love it! Good for you on the e-patterns. Can it get any easier and quicker lol!

  4. Oh she is definitely a cutie, and worth the wait to see (couldn't see it first time i opened the post) I have just recently made a felt cloud cushion to go with our new rainbow of cushions, next job is to turn Claire's new red coat into a ladybug somehow :)

    OXO Bslkcs