Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Talking about, looking through patterns and eventually making a costume for a disco Mollie was invited too.....YES Little Red Riding Hood

Lucas finishing his entry into LEGO NXT latest challenge..designing, building and programming an Explorerbot.

For me, finishing of 4 lovely Feliz dresses!!

And for Mollie, building her own "Mollie Shop" in the lychee tree.
Just the place if you need grass, shell grit, gravel, mulch, chicken food and the best bit ALL FOR FREE!!..even if it takes 10 minutes to pick the gravel out of the feed, it IS free!!
And for is all about his trains at the moment. I will remember to take some photos of his latest buys...the track is getting very full. We are talking about a room extension for his set atm!!
With more fun things to come. The Festival of Cairns Parade tomorrow night, visits from family, sisters birthday (I must finish her pressie :D) lots more orders for Bel at Spiral Garden and hopefully a market with friends in September.

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  1. The girls are getting very excited about their dresses :) they plan to wear them for my birthday lunch, but i think you know that already :) lol, i had a rock shop like Mollie's when i was about her age...never 'sold' anything though, mum wouldn't let me set up at the end of our driveway, was only about 300m away on a highway, i wonder why?? ;p