Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our new (old) Encyclopedias

Cairns library had a book sale last week. I know we have the internet but we just love sitting on the lounge reading. We have always had a 'child' encyclopedia and now it was time to update.

We got a Student world book set, Encyclopedia of the Aquatic World and Encyclopedia of Earth and Physical Science...all for $60.00 and they we in perfect condition.
YIPEE Love a bargain!!

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  1. ohhhh i love library booksales :) i nearly missed it here in Perth!! got there on the last day and unbeknownst to me everything was half priced! so my $70 turned into $35!! lol i was tempted to go back in and find more!! it was over a month ago and i've only JUST found homes on our shelves for them all :D