Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Day out!

With Grandad.
We caught the Kuranda Scenic Railway up, up

up, up 

up, up the mountain to Kuranda and then 


down, down

We have been locals of Cairns for nearly 8 years and have never been on the train..oops!
Between the trips we had a lovely lunch in Kuranda at the local pub.
It was a lovely (and a little bit scary for Mollie, she is holding on tight in the photo above!) day out :)

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  1. Don't feel so bad about that!! you know i was born and bred in cairns, and I didn't go on skyrail until the month before we left the state!! :) the train is another story though - my uncle used to be the train driver - i remember taking a trip up in the engine carriage in my pyjamas once...after a sleepover with them i suppose :)

    Love grandad time - the kids grandad AND Great Grandma are coming for a visit in November :)